Commercial Transport

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For PPG, Commercial Transport vehicle recoating is more than just paint. It's an obsession.

PPG's long expertise in coating, and privileged relationships with commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet owners, combine with a passion for leading-edge technology development. From this passion, PPG develops and delivers market leading product lines such as the DELFLEET® paint system. Delfleet paint system is a complete and versatile range of products designed specifically for commercial vehicles. It meets the most demanding requirement for gloss, performance and efficiency for this sector.

The Delfleet paint system is easy to use, environmentally sensitive and always compliant with the latest European legislation. And, because it offers the most advanced and wide-ranging technology for pigments and resins, the Delfleet paint system versatility is widely recognised by the CVMs as the best-choice partner for the aftermarket, too.

Whatever your requirement, the Delfleet paint system always offers the most efficient and appropriate solution for any type of vehicle and through any kind of application.

DELFLEET® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.