PPG Refinish Italy unveils a new MoonLab in Lainate

PPG Refinish Italy has brought a boost of innovation to its Lainate headquarters with the introduction of a new MoonLab; a dedicated space to showcase our award-winning automated paint mixing system, MOONWALK®.

Situated within PPG’s Technical Centre in Lainate, the MoonLab provides a bespoke laboratory-style setting that is perfectly configured to demonstrate the advantages and capabilities of MoonWalk. MoonLab can even be used in a training context, allowing bodyshop owners and technicians to gain hands-on experience with the machine.

MoonLab was first revealed to distributors in October, when Davide Davilla, PPG technical service manager, and Antonio Ferrulli, PPG marketing operations manager, led a presentation to introduce a new approach to the distribution of the MoonWalk system.

Reiterating the many benefits that MoonWalk provides to customers, Davilla and Ferrulli also explained how the system is especially advantageous during the current economic climate, with many bodyshops and repair centres facing difficulties due to hugely increased energy costs.

The colour mixing process has long posed problems for bodyshops, mainly due to the amount of time needed to manually mix paint and the significant amount of product wastage involved in achieving a good colour match. PPG’s MoonWalk system offers a practical and sustainable solution to this problem.

Compared to manual processes, this advanced system provides exceptional mixing accuracy in a fraction of the time, freeing technicians from the confines of the mixing room and allowing them to work on other tasks for a more productive operation. This high-precision process reduces the amount of wasted paint which, in turn, creates a healthier working environment and lowers VOC emissions.

MoonWalk has revolutionised the refinish industry in the three years since its launch, and MoonLab has given PPG Refinish Italy the ideal stage to showcase its benefits to the world.